American Assassin Release Date – 2013

Release Date



Action and Thriller


Jeffrey Nachmanoff


Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz

Key Star Cast – Bruce Willis



bruce willis american assassin release dateThere is no concrete information on American Assassin’s plot but I’ll tell you what I have heard through the grapevine.

American Assassin circles around a smart and athletic, Mitch Rapp, who is great in everything he does. He is natural and has a talent to learn anything in a matter of time.

As the time passes something goes wrong and he has to join nation’s most secret  operations program. The program is designed to train people and turn them into walking blizzard.

Mitch Rapp (Bruce Willis) becomes ready to face the enemies, who have spread themselves in the entire world.

He has to fight them in his homeland and reach overseas for retribution.


This is where I talk about my personal opinions without caring about the subject matter.

After watching Expendables 2 I felt that Bruce Willis is getting old as were other great warriors of Hollywood.

The good thing is that American Assassin is not that far back. I don’t know if Bruce Willis looked on the reviews of Expendables 2 and found out that people were calling the movie a parody of their own super heroes or not!

But I don’t think that it would change anything. Bruce is still a great star and when we saw him in the end of G. I. Joe Retaliation trailer, we got excited goosebumps, right?

So, lets put on a happy face and wait for this American Assassin to take revenge from his and his country’s enemies.


  1. MDR635 says

    Sorry Bruce, your no Mitch Rapp. Here’s why, 25 years too old, to short and too Bald. Period. Anyone who cast Bruce should be fired…..

  2. Jd says

    Bruce Willis isn’t playing Mitch rapp, he’s playing the part of Stan Hurley. The instructor and mentor of Mitch rapp.

  3. charlie ness says

    In this book Mitch is supposedly 24 years old, so please tell me how they are casting a geriatric bald guy in his place. Yes, Willis suits Stan Hurley, lets hope that’s correct, but he’s no Mitch Rapp anymore than Cruise was Reacher. -That’s just a parody.

  4. charlie ness says

    In this story, Mitch is 24 years old and just joining CIA. Please tell me how a geriatric short guy can do this part. -No more realistic than Cruise was as Reacher .

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